Before inducting a person in a government job or even allowing a person to practice in a court of law, s/he should be asked to take a oath that s/he considers the constitution of the country above his/her religious book/s. S/he also should be asked to take a oath that s/he will not support a person who considers his/her religious book/s above the constitution of the country.

Current Acts against India and Hinđū/s.

US troops withdrew from Afgānisŧān. Such a professional and great force was betrayed by the libru politicians. We were fools as we hoped that US will do something for taking back control of military hardware in Afgānisŧān! US librus gave military hardware to Pākisŧān indirectly.
Joe Biden (head of the libru lobby) and Chāīnā (China), Pākisŧān, Hakkānī/s (Pākisŧānī puppets), Ŧālibān along with Al-Qā`yađā (Al-Qaeda) all wanted to wipe-out resistance forces from Panjshir. Some axis!
Joe Biden and Trump before him wrongly entered into agreement with Ŧālibān. US, the most powerful country was manipulated by the compromised, trapped politicians, strategists and advisors. Only people with hidden agendas differentiate between good terrorists and bad terrorists. For most common Indians, jihāđīs are all the same. Will Biden and Harris ever work against the interests of the Pākisŧān let alone Sheikhs & Emirs (middle eastern money bags). Whether Biden will return the so called award he received from Pākisŧān in 2008? Whether Harris will ever think good for her country of origin! She don't seem to know the real history of the region. How jihāđīs and colonisers tried to ruin Bhāraŧ since a thousand years? Wish to contribute.
US has always preferred Pākisŧān over India! This shows how cheap money (petrodollars) can be used to lobby against us. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 there was some bullshit seminar in US called 'Dismantling Global Hindutva.' Laugh over it, but beware of compromised individuals ruling various parts of the world. India can only trust Israel as they too know the true jihāđīs and crusaders.
Who are responsible for more than 2 billion dollars of poor Indian's money wasted in Afgānisŧān? Bleeding hearts, fools. Why rich middle eastern and other muslim countries do not help Afgānisŧān. The rich Muslims can contribute for jihāđ but can not let their muslim brothers from poor nations settle in their lands. All these believers want secular countries like India to feed and give shelter to Muslim refugees, while they shower their cheap money on Hinđū traitors and anti-Hinđū organisations to spread propaganda against India! The refugees in India are being used to further Ghazwā-e-Hinđ.

All the humanitarian aid will go to gun wielding Sunnī terrorists! We non-believers need not fund them. Librus now cannot fund terroristan (Pākisŧān) directly, they will do it via Afgānisŧān.

Anti-Free-Will Lobby is India's Enemy #1

If you are a true nationalist who really care for a common Indian (mainly a poor Hinđū), you may be sidelined from business circles and avoided by upwardly mobile society! There was a time when such lobbies used to corner nationalists completely. Times are changing but every nationalist should remain alert. Don't let lobbyists increase their satanic powers. We really don't know how deep the rot is! Industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, executives, professionals, government employees, social-workers, greedy-farmers and even ordinary villagers may turn against you if you display free will. But beware of having persecutory delusions! So look for the hard evidences vis-a-vis illusions.

This 'anti-free-will lobby' wants to crush voices of the people with free-will who follow either 'Natural Religion', modern Hinđūism, Deism or Polytheism.

We should not believe in dictates, miracles and revelations of pundiŧ/s, sāđhū/s, muni/s, guru/s, sant/s, prophets, priests, fathers, bishops, popes, saints, maulānā/s, mullāh/s, shekh/s, amīr/s, maulawi/s, mufti/s, khalifā/s, paigambar/s, āyātollāh/s, comrades and their chairmans, if we want to enjoy true freedom.

Free Will is our capacity to choose. Simply it means we are not controlled by any person, group, ideology, teachings of any book, words of any [religious] leader. It shows we have [pure] souls and we are [morally] responsible for our good and bad deeds.

There are lairs acting as 'fact checkers', 'moderators' and 'editors' for IT giants and non-profit organisations! There are manipulators calling themselves as journalists and activist. Beware of such compromised individuals and their ugly agendas. They have largely replaced print media.

If crusaders, jihāđīs and other anti-nationals (like Maoists) are in command in some social media platforms, we should leave such facilities. It will help us find our peace of mind. When these anti-nationals won't be able to waste our time they will be condemned to the company of each other!

Most of the industrialists, bureaucrats, big businessmen, professionals, social-workers, contractors, have nothing to do with the interest of the nation. They pay to whichever party is in power to get preferential treatments/postings. Some of the industrialists like Ađāni were given huge loans to expand their businesses. There are friends of such industrialists in NCP, Congress, BJP, ...

Most of the political parties in India are family owned. These are like greedy farmer unions. These parties act in their family interests. Exceptions are the BJP and the communist parties. BJP sometimes acts in national interest while communist parties care for Chinese interests. There are some corrupt politicians in every political party. Some parties are totally corrupt!

We Have Other Enemies for Centuries

Hinđū/s are being persecuted by Islāmists/jihāđīs since almost a thousand years; like Jews were persecuted by Nazis (mainly Christians).

Because most of the Indians are Hinđū/s, that's why Islāmists and Christian missionaries also tend to work against the interests of India. We should be vary of jihāđī minded Emirs (Ameers) and Sheikhs of middle-eastern countries. These people should be reported to UNOCT and tried in International courts by countries like India. They have cheap money earned by selling crude oil or refined petroleum products. This money is used to finance all kinds of anti-Hinđū projects. Many lobbies around the world (including India) get these fundings. This is one reason why we should buy electric vehicles.

The caste system and other divisions (like poverty) in the Hinđū society is exploited by missionaries for conversions from Hinđūism to Christianity. These converts do not change their names to reap benefits meant for poor Hinđū/s given by governments and rich Hinđū/s. These missionaries act very shrewdly and secretly that is why they can be considered enemy #1 of ‘Hinđū society’. Irony is that forefathers of these missionaries were Hinđū/s.

Islāmists/Jihāđīs are India's Enemy #2

The Islāmists started looting India and trying to convert Indians (mainly Hinđū/s) as part of their religious duty!

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (Āmbedakar) said “the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country which is his but on the faith to which he belongs. ... In other words, Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard a Hindu [non-believer] as his kith and kin.” He also wrote “The Hindus have their social evils. But there is this relieving feature about them—namely, that some of them are conscious of their existence and a few of them are actively agitating for their removal. The Muslims, on the other hand, do not realize that they are evils and consequently do not agitate for their removal. Indeed, they oppose any change in their existing practices.”

He was partially wrong, some of the Muslims do realize the need for reforms in their society, but they can't afford to sacrifice their lives in doing that.

Mohanđās Gānđhi said “My own experience but confirms the opinion that the Musalman (Muslim) as a rule is a bully, and the Hindu as rule is a coward”. To become a leader of everybody he never spoke against violence of Islāmists against Hinđū/s.

Dr. Āmbedkar used to criticise Mohanđās Gānđhi for appeasing Muslims and for never speaking about persecution of Hinđū/s. He once wrote "It would be fatal for the Scheduled Castes, whether in Pakistan or in Hyderabad, to put their faith in the Muslims...". Dr. Āmbedkar refused to embrace Islām. Later Āmbedkar embraced Buđđhism partly because was sidelined by Gānđhi & Nehru and he wanted to become the undisputed leader/icon of SCs of Mahārāshtra and Central Province.

Most of the Indian politicians praise both Dr. Āmbedkar and Mohanđās Gānđhi as they can't speak their mind!

A Bānglā-speaking illegal immigrant from Bānglādesh or Myānmār (called Rohingyās) is welcome in large parts of Bangāl but a non-Bānglā speaking Indian is considered outsider by the ruling elites and Islāmists.

Chinese Communist Party is India's Enemy #3

Pākisŧān and Chāinā are rogue states. Pākisŧān is controlled by a jihāđī army. Chāinā is controlled by a ruthless party. Donald Trump was the first leader who called their bluff openly without caring for his opponents. Don't get me wrong, I hate people like Donald Trump. Please do not believe in a typical soft-spoken leader, s/he will compromise your safety and security for few votes/money. Every right minded Indian should never support those leaders (even if they are their 'own') who may compromise India's interests vis-à-vis Pākisŧān and Chāinā.

Communists even in India work against every interest of India because of the support of the Islāmists and leftists around the globe and the funding they receive from them and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)! Most of the communist comrades in India (and Nepāl) were raised in liberal Hinđū families, but they support Islāmists and Jihāđis! Đagābāz, cowards. They do this as their 'boss' CCP wants to show to the world that communists sympathizes with the 'cause' of Islāmists! CCP support designated terrorists only to suppress Uyghurs! The whole of Chāinā is being taken to a wrong path by its dictator Xi Jinping ('a cruel caveman') because of his disdain for resurgent India, BJP and what-not. Our PM was wrong when he acted as a friendly host to the caveman. Probably CCP has plans ready for the whole world for coming 50 years in advance! In-fact we should be thankful to the caveman as he started asserting his power globally a bit early, other wise it would have been too late. The world now can see CCP's plan for the world. Shrewd and selfish intellectuals do not wish to acknowledge that for various reasons!

Cowards always speak and work against Hinđūism because of three main reasons -

  1. It is easy and safe to criticize upright Hinđūism (it should remain that way),
  2. They are jealous of a handful of rich Hinđūs and so called upper caste communities, and their attitude towards others, and
  3. They are groomed, brainwashed, pampered, praised, bought, honey trapped, etc. to become anti-Hinđū activists.

Most of the comrades as well as most of the rich pseudo-seculars belong to the affluent classes. They just pretend to speak for common men, but their definition of common men excludes common (read poor) Hinđū/s. Their politburos in India do not used to have representations of backward Hinđū classes till recently. They like other anti-nationals try to exploit every division in Hinđū society.

The majority of people in communist countries (mainly Chāinā and North Korea) are deprived of their civil rights. Some socialism! Hān Chinese are happy collecting whatever CCP provide them by snatching from other communities, regions.

Christian Missionaries are India's Enemy #4

The Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, and other Europeans started their relations with India as trading entities but all of them started manipulating various states and societies against each other. These invaders not only looted India, but also converted lots of Hinđū/s to their faith. [See Ref 1 and 4]

The missionaries propagated Christianity particularly in most of the tribal and backward areas with the support of the various European governments. The Christian majority Mizo (a collection of coverted tribals in one of the north-eastern state of India) population started persecuting and driving the Hinđū Brus and Buađđhist Chakmas, both minorities in the state, out of Mizoram. In 2020, India started settling persecuted Brus (and Chakmas) in the neighbouring state of Tripura to address the issue.

The missionaries have turned simple minded tribals into Hinđū baiters.

Hinđū/s and India

The majority of the Indians are Hinđū/s. Most of the Hinđū/s are peace-loving because of the teachings of Ahinsā (अहिंसा; i.e. nonviolence) and lots of them have never tried to be physically strong! That is one of the reasons why invaders ruled India for centuries. First came the Muslims and then the Christians and then the local pseudo-secularists. These pseudos are trying to rule India by any means. The main weapon of pseudos (librus) is a consolidated vote bank of abhađraloks and anti-Hinđū minorities.

Hinđū/s don't make life of any body difficult just because s/he belongs to a religion or a race. India is the country with followers of highest number of religions/sects. Hinđū/s living in the cities and villages have respected cultures and gods of the aboriginals living in the tribal areas. While Christians missionaries go to tribal areas to convert aboriginals. India has special quotas based on backwardness of castes, minority status. So nobody belonging to Christianity or Islam has any right to teach Hinđū/s any lesson on social harmony.

Dr. Āmbedkar used to feel bad because of the caste system in the Hinđū society when he was a child. But his education (in India as well as in Britain) was funded by Hinđū/s of other castes. He was proposed and appointed as chairman of Indian Constitution Drafting Committee by Hinđū/s belonging to other castes. His last wife was an uppercaste Hinđū. Still later in life, he criticised all the icons (gods, godesses, avatars) of Hinđūism. Most ordinary Hinđū/s do not even know what he wrote about their icons. Educated Hinđū/s do not care what he has written, as most of them are tolerant and forward looking.

Most properly educated and intelligent Hinđū/s like cows. They consider cows to be a part of their family and somewhat like mother as cows provide milk. A lot of people hate those who eat dogs and scoff at Hinđū/s for loving cows. One should not eat creatures which are like his/her pet (friend) also one should avoid eating those creatures that provide milk.

Curd is better than milk for some of the grown-ups. Some kids have intolerance to casein which is the main ingredient of milk. Vegetarians need some nutritional supplements.

People with mental health issues regularly need health supplements, psycho-biotics.

Hinđū/s should not eat non-veg marked Halāl. Halāl non-veg indicates cruelty to animals.

Every Hinđū who has anything to do with politics and/or religion should read a translation of the Qur'ān (Kur'ān) and parts of the Bible (mainly of Old Testāment). If you don't know what is written in those books how could you understand what is/was happening to Hinđū/s mainly in Islāmic countries. Do not listen to an advice of those who have never read parts of these books relevant to Hinđū/s (referred as non-believers). Saŧyārŧha-prakāsh (सत्यार्थ प्रकाश) is not a great book, but reading it may give your thoughts a new dimension. India is a place where lots of the religions originated and most survived. It is a very crowded, polluted but a truly free country. Though there are instances of religious violence but generally it is a peaceful country. Oh yes, there are a lot of ugly and selfish librus in India as well.

We also need to support BJP and PM Narendra Mođi even if we don't agree with them on lots of issues. The shrewd pseudo-intellectuals cry loud whenever BJP supporters or simple right-minded Hinđū/s make any mistake. These cowards always look away when some BJP supporter or a Hinđū is killed mercilessly by either pseudo-secular political-goons, leftists (maoists, ...), or Islāmists. They have never spoken even when millions of Hinđū/s suffered and persecuted by Islāmists and Jihāđis in the past decades. Even in Hinđū dominated areas they promote what is now called as 'Love-Jihāđ'. These cowards keep exploiting greedy politicians and officers for their causes.

Help Poor Hinđū/s Selectively

Muslims, Buađđhists, Sikhs and Christians are in the minority in many states. The forefathers of these minorities were mainly Hinđū/s or native Indians (Āđivāsī). Those who embraced other religions got benefits from invaders, missionaries, anti-Hinđū religious bodies, rulers, etc. These converts also started claiming better social status!

So the Hinđū scheduled tribes (STs), scheduled castes (SCs) and 'other backward classes' (OBCs), who kept on following Hinđūism against all odds should now be given most of the benefits from the state and wealthy Hinđū/s. These weaker sections of the Hinđū society are sometimes targeted by those who got converted. These converts sometimes befriend upper Hinđū castes!

Every wealthy Hinđū should try to support poor Hinđū/s by helping them in finding jobs etc.; though it is very difficult. Every Hinđū should treat every other Hinđū equally. Upper caste Hinđū/s are ok with minorities, but look down upon other Hinđū/s based on their caste. Most of the converted Christians keep their Hinđū names and claim benefits meant for (poor) Hinđū/s. Even donations in some rich Hinđū temples (Ŧirupaŧi, etc.) go also to those who harm Hinđūism!

Those who try to push one section (caste) of Hinđū/s against other sections are anti-nationals. There are ugly Hinđū/s who discriminate against other Hinđū/s based on language, race, riches, even eating habits, etc.

Poor Indians don't get proper treatment in government run hospitals while a rich person belonging to a minority community can apply for up to Rs 20,00,000/- for higher education abroad! Shame on those who create such policies.

Now-a-days relatively wealthier business communities like the Parsis, Shias and Jains also claim minority-status for special exemptions and benefits! They keep themselves aligned with the current political party in power. Jains mingle with Hinđū/s and behave like upper-caste Hinđū/s to take advantage in business. Some Khālisŧānī minded Sikhs also think of Hinđū/s as inferior beings. Some other so called uppercaste [business] communities too act as if they are superior than others. These communities corrupts government officials and misappropriate funds meant for poor & backward classes!


After World-War II, Britain became very weak and was left incapable of ruling a vast country like India. Communal Muslim leaders wanted their own rule and Britain wanted India (mainly Hinđū/s) to remain week, so (West) Pākisŧān and East-Pākisŧān (now Bānglāđesh) were hastily (carelessly) carved out of India.

Panjābī Muslims of West-Pākisŧān started oppressing Bangālī Muslims in East-Pākisŧān, so India helped East-Pākisŧān to break-away as Bānglāđesh. These Panjābī Muslims of Pākisŧān uses Islām to further their dominance over other communities of South Asia.

Most Sunnī/s don't do family planning and hence are poor; but they blame the Hinđū/s and the Indian state for their problems. For them increasing their population is a part of Ghazwā-e-Hinđ.

Pākisŧān has attacked India three times! After loosing all the wars, hardliners in Pākisŧān have turned to terrorism. Since centuries Islāmic extremists have been attacking Hinđū temples, devotees and institutions. But after the formation of Pākisŧān, it has increased many folds.

India freed more than 85000 West-Pākisŧānī soldiers after the 1971 war! While many Indian soldiers were brutally killed in Pākisŧānī jails. Few of them languished there for decades, and successive Congress governments have practically done nothing. About 1100 Bānglāđeshī (then East-Pākisŧānī) intellectuals were killed in 1971; [See Ref 3] some of them were Hinđū/s, yet those responsible (West-Pākisŧānī soldiers) were freed by Indian PM of that time Inđirā Gānđhī. She also tried to weaken democracy in India by imposing 'emergency'.

In Pākisŧān, minorities are under tremendous pressure to convert to Islām because of the militant majority and a draconian (निष्ठुर) law called Blasphemy law. This law is mainly for appeasing Jihāđī population. The pseudo-seculars in India and Muslims never speak against it, they are otherwise very vocal! The percentage of Hinđū/s in Pāk has gone down alarmingly (from 19% to less than 2%) and in Bānglāđesh (from 21% to less than 9%) while the percentage of Muslims in India is rising (from 9% to 14%) steadily.

Western world, particularly USA have supported jihāđī Pākisŧān against righteous India in the past! Things started changing after 9/11.

Christian missionaries, middle-eastern governments and Islāmist-moneybags always try to insure that USA and other powerful nations do not support India! These people want to live peacefully but destabilize the rest of the world as part of their religious duty! Some hoors (houri) in the heaven or in this very world!

There are states, areas in India where the Hinđū/s are in the minority. From one such province - Kāshmīr, most of the Hinđū/s fled because they were targeted by militants and Muslim majority. [See Ref 2] Ruling elites in the state and in the center did nothing to stop mass exodus! A large section of western media never reported about those persecuted Hinđū/s. These media become very vocal for the human rights of militants and their supporters in Kāshmīr. Sellouts. Honey-trapped. Cowards. Some bleeding heart people of Indian origin also speak for the human-rights of militants in Kāshmīr but never say anything against persecution of Hinđū/s.

Some Wahābī/Salāfī minded Sunnīs and other gađđārs have joined Communist parties! So communist parties in India are pro-Islām anti-Hinđū garbage. They can't speak about Chinese aggression against Muslims, but blame Hinđū/s for everything. They want the Indian state to remain weak and never tackle the root cause of terrorism particularly Pākisŧān. So they support Naxalism and any ideology or organisation that tries to destabilise or weaken India.

Some greedy and coward Hinđū/s, Islāmists, Christians missionaries, even some Āmbedkarite activists keeps on trying to harm Hinđūism in every way possible. Some Āmbedkarite activists align themselves with Islāmists and Christian-missionaries. Followers of Āmbedkar along with pseudo-seculars have never spoken against destruction of Buđđhā/s of Bāmyān.

Remember Kulabhuṣhaṇ Jāđhav was abducted from Irān (a friendly Shiā country!) and taken to Pākisŧān (a hostile Sunnī land). Most warring factions unite against India/Hinđūs. Rarely Jews, very few secular minded nobles and White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) who can see through the propaganda against India take side of India. The so called Intellectuals (Professionals, Journalists, Artists and Activists), Christians missionaries, Neo-Buđđhists and hardcore communists keep on their tirades against India because Hinđū/s are in majority in India. Some powerful Christians feel that resurgent and modern Hinđūism can appeal to their followers.

Life of non-Sunnī/s in Pākisŧān is like living in hell. Shiā spiritual leaders used to speak against Hinđū/s and helped in formation of Pākisŧān! How wrong they were.

In India, Islāmists find true friends in Communists, Christian missionaries and Pseudo-Buđđhists! Wow!! They unite in India only to harm Hinđūism, elsewhere they are enemies of each other.

A new act called CAA aims to grant citizenship to persecuted Hinđū/s and other minorities from Pākisŧān, Bānglāđesh and Afgānisŧān in India. Opposing CAA by Islāmists and their greedy friends seems to be a part of Ghazwā-e-Hinđ. They want Muslims from Islāmic countries to be given citizenship in India, but not to those persecuted there!

Anti-Hinđū Elites

Selfish and greedy Congress party leaders and other politicians (from minority dominated areas) every now and then criticise nationalist Hinđū organisations to ensure votes of the minorities which usually vote in herds. Many such politicians are either Islāmists or savarṇa/s i.e. so called upper caste Hinđū/s! Greedy Hinđū voters (till 2013) also used to support them for selfish reasons, so they remained in power, despite of massive scams.

These so-called secular politicians & officers used to stop the state from taking strong action against terrorists and extremists to appease the minority voters.

Some of the policemen are corrupt, they don't do enough to safeguard the general public! It has made India, a soft and weak state. Most of the corrupts mint money and take it to the safe heavens in the west!

Do Nothing

Fortunately, most of the ordinary Indians remain absorbed in their work, profession or business and don't become reactionaries or extremists. To show minority communities that the state machinery is working for them, Hinđū extremism (which is very rare) is dealt with strongly.

Silver line is that there were/are some patriots among minorities as well. Some of them have devoted their lives for India. For them, we should stay calm (even after terror attacks) and never speak against minorities in public, in general. Remember, terrorists (and our enemies) want India divided, they should fail.

We should boycott individuals, parties, organisations, media houses, companies that indulge in Anti-Hinđū activities. But we have to be sure when we brand someone as Anti-Hinđū. We should refrain from touring places, cities, countries where Hinđū/s were/are oppressed, particularly Muslim countries with strict 'sharia' laws! In such countries, keeping our holy books can land us in Jail!

For poor Indians, 'true freedom' was elusive (छलावा)! They themselves were also to be blamed for electing lots of corrupt politicians [mainly before 2014]. They should not vote for them, even if they have to take money from them to meet their ends. Most of the middle class people avoid taking money for vote; they should vote against these Anti-Hinđū politicians, even if they have to praise them to avoid trouble.

For most of us partying means celebrating festivals!

References - These are diluted accounts of actual events:

1. Persecution of Hinđū/s by Jihāđi/s and Christians missionaries.

2. Exodus of Kashmīrī Hinđū/s because of Islāmists (Jihāđi/s) funded by Pākisŧānī ISI.

3. The 1971 killing of Bengali intellectuals by Al Badr, which was propped up by Pākisŧānī Army.

4. Goa Inquisition by Francis Xavier, King John III of Portugal and Pope Paul III

5. Hinđūism in Pakistan

6. Anti-Hinđū sentiment in Pākisŧān and other countries.

Many mainstream media companies gets their funding by middle eastern money-bags and hence tends to take anti-India stand most of the time. These sell-outs preach peace loving Hinđū/s democracy and secularism! India is home to almost all the religions (faith) in the world. That is testimony of our peace loving nature. Just because most Hinđū/s are poor and don't normally lobby with anybody, sell-outs stand against India. They will rot in the hell forever.

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