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I can only hope that ordinary Ukrainians and Russians won't mind us enjoying 'Ra Ra Rasputin', a song by Boney M.

The very sincere effort to tell the real story of Kāshmīr.

Putin's People Invades Ukraine

Putin is a de facto dictator. Russia under him is reeling under pressure. Opposition to Putin is dealt with very strict actions. He dislikes the display of free will by the Ukrainian people. After the Ukrainians toppled the Pro-Russian government, Putin went on to annex Crimea. Till that time, Putin was not totally wrong as Crimea is mainly Russian-speaking territory. Currently, what he is doing is totally wrong.

The Indian government is not voting against Russia as, historically, the USSR used to support India in defending itself against the Islāmists and Chinese aggression. America wrongly used to support Pākistān till 9-11 happened! The US, UK and most EU nations even opposed the liberation of Bānglāđesh from the clutches of Pākisŧān; only the USSR supported India. Indian strategists know that even Ukraine was part of the USSR, but they think Russia is an important ally in keeping China under control. They will be proven wrong!

India would not have bought the S-400 had there been no Chinese aggression! India is not very strong in military technologies. During the USSR era, most of the time, the Indian National Congress (INC) was in power. Lots of the Congress politicians in India were under the payroll of the KGB of the USSR! Now, India is relatively rich and Russia is just a shadow of the erstwhile USSR! India now has a government led by BJP; INC is out of power. Most Indians don't doubt PM Modi's honesty. IMHO, India should do more.

The Modi government should try to pressurize Putin to stop the invasion. Surely Putin is not going to listen to India. Putin recently met the Pākisŧānī PM just to hint to Indians that he could start supporting Pākisŧān against India like Xi Jinping does. It seems that Xi and Putin have planned India's response to the invasion of Ukraine!

Western media have never reported genocides of Hinđū/s in the past. Some politicians, think-tanks, most academicians and lefties in the west, always took sides of Jihāđī/s, Missionaries and even Communists against India. They never cared about the sentiments of ordinary Hinđū/s. They have created a class of Hinđū baiter's in India itself!!! That is why ordinary Hinđū/s don't believe in the western media, politicians, etc.

As usual, India's popular news channel (Republic World) is targeting western think-tanks for their's (and US government's) past strategic mistakes of always acting against the interests of Hinđū/s. IMHO, this is not the right time to target them. They are trying to help Ukrainians while avoiding a wider conflict. This time, US president Biden is not totally wrong. We should always remember that the sacrifices of US military personnel are like the sacrifices of Indian military jawāns in trying to make the world a better place.

Russian Oligarchs say that Ukrainians are their brothers! They should first let the opposition in Russia become strong. How these oligarchs treat their own Russian brothers is a warning to their cousins in Ukraine.

The story is very similar in China. Chinese CPP Oligarchs say that the Taiwanese are their brothers. Any criminal law expert will tell you that most criminals mistreat their own family members. CPP Oligarchs won't let any dissident survive.

NATO should have avoided expansion! Putin and Xi Jinping's Neo Oligarchy is having a great time watching India moving away from the west! The cruel caveman Xi will somehow use this situation against India in future.

Followings text was written in reaction to the past events concerning India mainly of the last year.

Idiots like Dorsey Speak Against India

There are 4 different kinds of people who are opposing India nowadays.

  1. Cool Crusaders (e.g. Catholic missionaries)
  2. White-collar Sunni Jihāđī/s (Islāmists)
  3. Communists, Leftists, Librus
  4. Jaichanđ/s and Mir-Jāfar/s (traitors seeking financial blessings)

Rihanna supported an Indian mob that attacked a graceful lady police officer who was one among 400+ police officers injured. No police officer fired! Police officers should have fired rubber bullets on those anti-nationals but the government wanted police to show maximum restraint. How can one oppose this government which has given millions of Muslim women relief from instant triple ŧalāk? Greedy parasites support those cowards who do violence against the most peace-loving nation i.e. India. Whether Rihanna forgot domestic violence. Whether she has the intellect to understand that such a violent mob would have paid a heavy casualty elsewhere. Selfish creäture.

Ask Greta (a propped up environmentalist), how can she support those who burn stubble and use all kinds of chemicals in farming. These people call themselves farmers but are worse than middlemen. They produce more crops by any means to sell to the very government they are agitating against! Whether her caretaker(s) know that these people grow grains separately for their own consumption where they don't use harmful chemicals. Whether her managers knows that these agitators are only a fraction of Indian farmers. Militant Pākisŧānī/s and Khālisŧānī/s are supporting them to hurt a majority government mainly supported by Hinđū/s. Indulging against the peace-loving Hinđū/s, don't become a terrorist.

Do not listen to those environmentalists/activists of any kind who don't condemn those communities (mainly Sunnies) who don't do birth-control / family-planning.

Malālā will not condemn halāl (cruel animal scarifies), polygyny, misyār marriage, mut'āh marriage, contractual child marriage, halālā, ... that Indian Muslim men enjoy! At the beginning of 2022, she condemned school uniforms in India for not accommodating hijāb!

The easiest way to get free biryānī in India is to chant - "hāy' hāy' Mođī, mar jā Mođī" (alas alas Mođī, die Mođī). And then they call Mođī a dictator.

Have Some Sense of Proportion

No other country has half the number of faiths as there are in India. It is only possible because the majority (Hinđū/s) is not hostile against followers of other faiths. Some of the followers of aggressive faiths keep on hurting the sentiments of Hinđū/s. Sometimes some Hinđū/s retaliate. So, India faces some internal issues / problems (real and perceived) from time to time. Do not blow anything that happens in India out of proportion! Lots of media outlets survive because of the funding from anti-India money-bags, especially from the middle-east. Why these rich middle-eastern countries like Qatār, Saudi Arabiā, UAE, Jordan, Turkey, etc. do not accept Muslim migrants / asylum-seekers from Bānglādesh and Myānmār. These Muslim countries want India to give citizenship to Muslims! These countries don't give citizenship even to those who serve them for their whole life. India is a very populous country with highly strained natural resources; hence, only can give citizenship to persecuted Hinđū/s. Muslims should go to Muslim countries; there are more than sixty Muslim countries.

India is the biggest democracy. Apart from Bangāl, Keral and Kāshmīr, there is true democracy in most Indian provinces. These three states have the highest number of non-Hinđū/s. If you work against Indiā, history (as understood by billions) will remember you as an ugly creäture. If possible, give up that itch of texting against Indiā and Hinđū/s. The Indian state won't bother you unless you directly get involved in some terror activity. Indiā (Bhāraŧ) is a truly free country with a great civilization. Only communists, crusaders (missionaries) and jihāđī/s can hate it. Which anti-Hinđū lobby do you belong to? None! Please remain just an idiot libru.

Jaichanđ/s Among Bhađralok/s

There are many jaichanđ/s among bhađralok/s (mainly uppercaste Hinđū/s). And there are many jihāđī/s in the Muslim community. Bangāl has suffered from political violence for almost half a century. But after the recent election victory of the TMC in Bangāl, the jihāđī/s are targeting / persecuting ordinary Hinđū/s (mainly BJP party members). The jihāđī/s are irritated because they were compelled to vote for the ruling party of the bhađralok/s in order to defeat the BJP (the nationalist party). Jihāđī/s know that by targeting [non-bhađralok] Hinđū/s they are doing their religious duty of persecuting non-believers. They know the jaichanđ/s will look the other way as they saved their government. So jihāđī/s are prepared to go all out to target ordinary (non upper caste) Hinđū/s. They are provoking the central government to impose the president's rule; if that happens, all the librus from around the globe will target the leader of the nationalist party. All the librus are silent at present, while ordinary Hinđū/s are being persecuted. The western media never reported the exodus of Hinđū/s from Kāshmīr. They are not reporting post-poll persecution and the exodus of BJP workers from parts of Bangāl. Their correspondents are being taken care of money-bags. History repeats itself.

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