What TO DO

Following priorities are so natural and yet very hard to follow exactly and in order.

  1. Take Proper Sleep; Eat Healthy. (as a Creature)
  2. Maintain Mental Balance.* Make tele-calls to near and dear ones. Beware of Jealousy and Ego.
    (as a Conscious Being)
  3. Try to be Happy; Keep Hygiene; Bathe to Keep Body Odor at bay.
    (as a Social Animal)
  4. If you are a vegetarian, try to maintain levels of minerals (zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine, silica / silicium, iron ...), vitamins (B12, D3, folate, B6, A ...), Omega-3 fatty acids in your body / blood.
    B12 (our body can't synthesis it), D3, Zinc and Omega-3s are generally low in vegetarians. Ask your primary health-care professional to get your blood tested and start health supplements. Regularly check blood-sugar, blood-pressure, LDL (if you eat fried foods).
  5. Maintain intake levels of fibers, complex-carbs (!), proteins, etc.
  6. Help family members, others. Try to make people around you happy.
    (as a Home Maker)
  7. Do exercise at least 4 days a week, as much as your health, time and energy permit.
  8. Study -or- Do some work to Earn Bread.
    (as a Professional)

A lot of us prioritize exactly the opposite, like working very hard and not getting proper sleep. It is like horse/s pushing a cart instead of pulling it!

* Take professional help from more than one psychiatrist if required. Ask your psychiatrist to prescribe you the relevant supplements, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Omega 3 fatty acids.

Nutrients are important not only for physical health but also for mental health!

Understand what your main business, profession or duty is. Distinguish it with your side business, hobby, etc. This is what successful professionals do. The only problem with them seems that they distinguish between useful (to them) people and the rest of us.


  1. Don't Use Narcotics, Don't Smoke, Avoid Consuming Alcohol, etc.**
    (as a Creature)
  2. Do Not Offend Others by being greedy, self-centered or acting smart.
    (as a Good Human)

** It's not difficult to give up your self-harming habits. Look forward to a better life without your bad habits. Resolve now to fight these habits with a strong will. You don't have to start swearing with - 'I will never do this or that'. Instead, say - 'This habit is not what defines my life. I will avoid it as much as possible.'

I dumped smoking after being addicted to it for 3 decades. >>

I told myself, smoking is taking away my health, so I will limit it to the extent that I will not be a slave to it. Now I hardly smoke. I am not afraid that it will again clutch me. In the past 12 months I might have lit 3 or 4 cigarettes. In the past three years I can't even recall whether this figure is 10 or 15. I threw away the only packet of cigarettes that I bought a year back as there were yellow stains on most cigarettes. Some people who know me say why not to resolve - 'I will never smoke'. Some say you don't know when you will start smoking again, even if you will smoke once. I tell them I am not afraid of cigarettes. These cannot define my personality or decide my destiny.

Remember if you are drinking, smoking, etc. at a regular interval, even on (say) Saturdays, you are somewhat dictated by it. You will probably crave for it the whole week! Do not start smoking or drinking in order to show yourself that you will be able to control these bad habits. Why hurt yourself and destroy the happiness of your loved ones? Do you know these habits can cause weakness that can even lead to impotence?

Previously, moderate drinking was considered beneficial for heart health. The new research indicates that it may potentially disrupt how the heart functions. Drinking alcohol is the third preventable cause of cancer, after tobacco and obesity! Rarely, a very small dose (less than 20 ml) of wine, for some of us, may be a bit helpful.

You may like to save this page in your favorite location with a title that will help you in remembering this moment. Your resolve and action plan that you write below will probably be saved with/on this page.

We need to keep checking our emotions. Discuss your emotions with a professional or discuss them with a person who may not exploit them in any way. Emotional problems will hinder your daily routine and important tasks! As per Tim Pychyl of Carleton University, procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, not a time management problem.

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