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Idiots like Dorsey Speak Against India

There are 4 different kind of people who are opposing India now-a-days.

  1. Cool Crusaders
  2. White collar Jihadis
  3. Communits, Leftists
  4. Jaichands and Mir Jafars (Seeking Financial blessings)

Ask Rihanna, how much she charged to support a mob that attacked a graceful lady police officer one among 400+ policeman injured. Policeman should have killed those anti-nationals but government wanted police to show maximum restrain. How can one oppose this government which has given millions of Muslim women relief from instant triple talak. Greedy parasites support those cowards who do violence against the most peace-loving nation i.e. India? Whether she forgot domestic violence. Whether she can understand that such violent mob would have paid a heavy casualty elsewhere. Which religious lobby you belong to? Some anti Hindu lobby.

Ask Greta (a propped up environmentalist), how can she support those who burn stubble and use all kinds of chemicals in farming. These people call themselves farmers but are worst than middleman, they produce more by any means to sell to the very government they are agitating against. Whether her caretaker(s) know that these people grow grains separately for their own consumption where they don't use harmful chemicals. Whether her managers knows that these agitators are only a fraction of farmers in India. Militant Pakitanis and Khalistanis are supporting them to hurt a majority government mainly supported by Hindus. Indulging against the peace loving Hinđū/s, don't be a budding terrorist.

Please remain just an idiot libru; do not text or even think against India and Hindus. Indian state won't bother you unless you directly get involved in terror activities.

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