Idiots like Dorsey Speak Against India

There are 4 different kind of people who are opposing India now-a-days.

  1. Cool Crusaders (Catholic missionaries)
  2. White-collar Jihāđī/s (Islāmists)
  3. Communists, Leftists, librus
  4. Jaichanđ/s and Mir-Jāfar/s (traitors seeking financial blessings)

Ask Rihanna, what she charged to support a mob that attacked a graceful lady police officer who was one among 400+ police officers injured. Yet no policeman fired! Police officers should have fired rubber bullets on those anti-nationals but government wanted police to show maximum restrain. How can one oppose this government which has given millions of Muslim women relief from instant triple ŧalāk. Greedy parasites support those cowards who do violence against the most peace-loving nation i.e. India? Whether she forgot domestic violence. Whether she has intellect to understand that such violent mob would have paid a heavy casualty elsewhere. Selfish creäture.

Ask Greta (a propped up environmentalist), how can she support those who burn stubble and use all kinds of chemicals in farming. These people call themselves farmers but are worst than middlemen. They produce more crop by any means to sell to the very government they are agitating against! Whether her caretaker(s) know that these people grow grains separately for their own consumption where they don't use harmful chemicals. Whether her managers knows that these agitators are only a fraction of Indian farmers. Militant Pākiŧānī/s and Khālisŧānī/s are supporting them to hurt a majority government mainly supported by Hinđū/s. Indulging against the peace-loving Hinđū/s, don't become a terrorist.

Easiest way to get free biryānī in India is to chant - "hāy' hāy' Mođī, mar jā Mođī" (die Mođī). And then they call Mođī a dictator.

Have Some Sense of Proportion

No other country has half the number of faith as there are in India. It is only possible because the majority (Hinđū/s) is not hostile against followers of other faiths. Some of the followers of aggressive faiths keep on hurting sentiments of Hinđū/s. Sometimes some Hinđū/s retaliate. So India faces some internal issues / problem (real and perceived) from time to time. Do not blow any thing that happens in India out of proportion! Lots of media outlets survive because of the funding from anti-India money-bags, specially from middle-east. Why these rich middle-eastern countries like Qatār, Saudi Arabiā, UAE, Jordan, Turkey, etc. do not accept Muslim migrants / asylum-seeker from Bānglādesh and Myānmār. These are Muslim countries but want India to give citizenship to Muslims. These countries don't give citizenships even to those who serve them for their whole life. India is a very populous country with highly strained natural resources; hence only can give citizenships to persecuted Hinđū/s. Muslims should go to Muslim countries; there are more than sixty Muslim countries.

India is the biggest democracy. Apart from Bangāl, Keral and Kāshmīr there is true democracy in most Indian provinces. These three states have highest number of non-Hinđū/s. If you work against Indiā, history (as understood by billions) will remember you as an ugly creäture. If possible, give-up that itch of texting against Indiā and Hinđū/s. Indian state won't bother you unless you directly get involved in some terror activity. Indiā (Bhāraŧ) is a truly free country with a great civilization. Only communists, crusaders (missionaries) and jihāđī/s can hate it. Which anti-Hindu lobby you belong to? None! Please remain just an idiot libru.

Jaichanđ/s Among Bhađralok/s

There are many jaichanđ/s among bhađralok/s (mainly uppercaste Hinđū/s). And there are many jihāđī/s in muslim community. Bangāl suffers from political voilence since almost half a century. But after the recent election victory of TMC in Bangāl, the jihāđī/s are targeting / persecuting ordinary Hinđū/s (mainly BJP party members). The jihāđī/s are irritated because they were compelled to vote for the ruling party of the bhađralok/s in order to defeat BJP (the nationalist party). Jihāđī/s know that by targeting [non-bhađralok] Hinđū/s they are doing their religious duty of persecuting non-believers. They know the jaichanđ/s will look the other way as they saved their government. So jihāđī/s are prepared to go all out to target ordinary (non uppercaste) Hinđū/s. They are provoking the central government to impose the president's rule; if that happens all the librus from around the globe will target the leader of the nationalist party. All the librus are silent at present while ordinary Hinđū/s are being persecuted. The western media never reported exodus of Hinđū/s from Kāshmīr. They are not reporting post poll persecution and exodus of BJP workers from parts of Bangāl. Their correspondents are being taken care of money-bags. History repeats itself.

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